Our Cortisol Test assesses your main ‘lifestyle hormone’ cortisol over several months.

This gives you a clear picture of how your lifestyle may be affecting your long-term inner health.

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Cortigenix Cortisol Test

We believe everyone should know what's going on inside their body for a longer, healthier and happier life.

We’re changing the way you test, and understand, your inner health.

Cortisol and Stress


Minimise the biological effect of stress on your inner health, by optimising your cortisol levels.

Cortisol and Immunity


Give your body the best chance to fight and protect you from infections and viruses.

Cortisol and Fertility


Optimise your fertility and your baby’s health by tracking your cortisol levels over time.

Cortisol and Brain Health

Brain Health

Improve your brain health and reduce your risk of impaired cognitive function.

Cortisol and Wellness

Biological Wellness

Learn how your cortisol levels affect everything from weight gain to biological ageing.

Cortigenix Cortisol Test

New Cortisol test.
New technology.

Discover a new way to track your inner health.

Test and track your long term inner health with our unique cortisol test through your personalised portal.

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Whatever your goal, or wherever you’re starting from, we’re here to support you on your health journey.

Improving Fertility

Improving Fertility

I now have peace of mind that my lifestyle is the best it can be for my future fertility and health giving me what I need to prepare for pregnancy in the best possible way.


Optimising Wellness

Optimising Wellness

The test gives me deeper insight in to whether all of my efforts are actually improving my wellness on the inside. I already track my health but never really knew where to start with at-home testing. I can now see what’s actually working for my health and what’s not.


Preventative Health

Preventative Health

For me it’s about preventing poor health in the future and making changes where I can to improve things. I now have a way to keep tabs on my long-term health and wellness.


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Know your inner health. One simple test.