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Posted on 24/9/2021

Learn about some of the benefits of health tracking from the inside.

Health tracking has become a normal part of everyday life. Millions of people around the world track some aspect of their health – such as the number of steps you walk during a day, your sleep patterns, your mood, heart rate, menstruation, or your diet.

The surge in popularity of wearable devices means that we can now track many aspects of how your health behaviours, lifestyle choices and physical activity.

For millions of people these indicators are the way they track their health on the outside as well as the inside.

This kind of health tracking can be beneficial for keeping tabs on how your lifestyle and behaviours are interacting on the outside.

Knowing how healthy you are on the inside shouldn't be guesswork

For millions of people around the world judging how healthy they are is often self-indicated. This means, they make a subjective judgment of how they are feeling – or make a judgement of whether their health behaviours and lifestyle choices they are making, based on health data they have collected through apps or wearable devices.

A limitation of this kind of health tracking is that it does not provide an indication of what’s happening biologically inside the body.

Inner health tracking

We want to give you an understanding of what’s going on inside your body So you can then take proactive steps to optimise your health and prevent illness now and in the future.

Benefits of inner health tracking

  • Get to know what’s happening inside your body

By tracking what’s going on inside your body, you get a more accurate indication of how your lifestyle choices and behaviours are impacting you from a biological perspective.

  • Makes you more aware of your behaviours

By having access to what's going on inside your body – it can help make you more aware of your behaviours — for example, like how active or inactive you are or how your diet may be affecting your inner health, it may help you to think about the situations that may encourage more unhealthy lifestyle choices enabling you to make more personalised improvements to your lifestyle to improve your inner health.

  • Empowers you through feedback

Being able to access feedback about your inner health gives you an accurate picture of how you are improving your well-being over time and can help you with:

  • setting goals
  • staying motivated
  • making lifestyle changes that work for you

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